Cilek Founded in 1995, as a 100% family owned enterprise in Turkey, Çilek continues to manufacture at global standards with its strong technological infrastructure. Çilek follows the path of becoming a global brand by spreading all over the world through franchising and enriches the rooms of more than three million children worldwide. In total, Çilek operates 444 outlets scattered over 66 countries in 5 continents, serving with 2.000 employees in a total indoor space of 60.000 sqm.

Holding the title as the first brand for implementing the idea of special design and production targeted for a certain age group, Çilek delivers more than 500 thousand-units each year. All home furniture made by Çilek are produced under the Çilek Warranty and each unit bears a GS quality certification. www.cilek.com/en ;

Technical Details Furniture and Accessories • Main material is E1 standard, innocuous melamine chipboard that is extremely resistant against scratching, wearing, and humidity. • 25, 16, and 8 mm thick chipboard panels are used. • Panel sides are covered with 1 and 2 mm thick edge bands. • Dampened hinges, used in wardrobe and study unit doors, prevent accidental hand injuries and noise. • Wardrobe hangers feature LED lighting, operating on AAA batteries. • Stainless steel ball bearing slides are used in drawers. • Depending on the unit, the drawers have been reinforced to carry loads up to 15 and 30 kg. • Fittings fulfill European TÜV-GS and Turkish TSE requirements. • Handles are made from porcelain. • Golden colored rims are made of PVC. • Surfaces are enriched using MDF profile.  

Rodyti: Sąrašą / Lentelę
Baby Dream Transformuojama vaikiska Lovyte-Lova (75x114 Cm & 75x160 Cm) Depth : 84 cm ..
Lova su ištraukiama papildoma lova, dėžė-suoliukas, komoda, stalinis šviestuvas, tr..
Lova su patalynės dėže, komodėlė. Į kainą neįskaičiuotas čiužinys, interjero detalės. Pri..
Dviejų durų drabužinė (112x210x55) su stalčium. Pakaba su apšvietimu. Į kainą neįskaič..
Dviaukštė Lova Active Bunk Bed (90x200 cm)
Dviaukste Lova Active Bunk Bed (90x200 cm) Depth : 209 cm Height : 173,5 cm W..
392.00€ 309.00€
Dviaukštė Lova mergaitiška Sl Princess Bunk Bed (90x200 cm)
Dviaukštė Lova mergaitiška Sl Princess Bunk Bed (90x200 cm) Depth : 20..
Elegant kambarys
Ergonominis stalas Ergo Large Study Desk ( h83x113cm)
Ergonominis stalas Ergo Large Study Desk ( h83x113cm) Depth : 81 cm Height : 83 cm ..
979.00€ 799.00€
Ergonominė kėdė Ergo Medium Chair
Ergo Medium Chair  Depth : 63 cm Height : 80 cm Width : 55 cm ..
Jaunuolio Lova Active M Bed (90x200 cm)
Jaunuolio Lova Active M Bed (90x200 cm) Depth : 220 cm Height : 95 cm Width :..
Jaunuolio Lova Mocha S Bed (90x190 cm)
Jaunuolio Lova Mocha S Bed (90x190 cm) Depth : 195 cm Height : 105 cm Width :..
Jaunuolio Lova Mocha Standard S Bed (90x190 cm)
Jaunuolio Lova Mocha Standard S Bed (90x190 cm) Depth : 193,2 cm Height : 95 c..
Jaunuolio Lova Royal M Bed (90x200 cm)
Jaunuolio Lova Royal M Bed (90x200 cm) Depth : 208,5 cm Height : 99,7 cm Widt..
Jaunuolio Lova Royal Xl Bed (120x200 cm)
Jaunuolio Lova Royal Xl Bed (120x200 cm) Depth : 208,5 cm Height : 99,7 cm Wi..
Dviejų durų drabužinė (112x210x55) su stalčium, transformuojama kūdikio lovytė 170x115x 83 (75x11..
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