Berniuko Lova - Champion Racer XL Bed (120x200cm)

Berniuko Lova - Champion Racer XL Bed (120x200cm)
Berniuko Lova - Champion Racer XL Bed (120x200cm) Berniuko Lova - Champion Racer XL Bed (120x200cm)
Lova Mašina GTS
Firma: Lova Mašina GTS
Prekės kodas: 20.35.1301.00
Pasiekiamumas: Fabriko sandėlyje
Kaina: 647.00€
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Berniuko Lova - Champion Racer XL Bed (120x200cm), Depth : 212 cm, Height : 110 cm, Width : 136 cm 
  • Headboard has USB and Bluetooth connection system
  • Main material is E1 standard, innocuous melamine chipboard, which is extremely resistant against scratching, wearing, and humidity and is not hazardous to health.
  • Headboards are coated with fabric and are enriched with the embroidery patterned embellishments.
  • Bed and Bed Base: Electronic Panel with USB, SD card, Speaker ports and switches.
  • Study Desk and Unit: Speaker system with Bluetooth and USB input functions and led lighting system.
  • The sides are covered with a 1 and 2 mm thick edge bands.
  • Stoppers are used for the covers that prevent clasp of hands and noise.
  •  Wall fasteners are used in tall units to prevent from toppling.
  • Interior wardrobe drawers are partitioned.
  • In the wardrobe Led illuminated hanger bar is used.
  • Dresser’s top drawer is partitioned with separator.
  • New ‘tandem partial-angle drawer rails‘ have been applied to the drawers.
  • Drawers can be load up to 30 kg.
  • The pieces used for the series are made of injected ABS raw material which is not harmful for human health.
  • All fasteners used fulfill requirements pertaining to the European TÜV-GS and Turkish TSE standards.


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